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Wild Forest P2A

Wild Forest stands as Ronin Chain's latest blockbuster game, offering players a PvP real-time strategy experience on a single screen. In this game, you construct a formidable card deck to vanquish your adversaries

Wild Forest P2A Campaign TLDR

Play-To-Airdrop Campaign Overview

The Wild Forest P2A campaign is where players vie for $WF token rewards! Throughout the event, players undertake tasks to accrue Honor points.


Honor points are awarded for achieving Wild Forest Play-to-Airdrop milestones or holding Wild Forest NFTs. The more Honor you amass, the higher your standing on the Play-to-Airdrop Scoreboard, and consequently, the more airdrop tokens you'll receive upon the game's release.


The top 4000 players with the most Honor earned during the Play-to-Airdrop event will be granted $WF tokens. Additionally, all other players with 4000+ Honor will participate in an airdrop raffle, with an extra 1000 spots up for grabs.


These rewards will be distributed as off-chain $WF tokens upon the game's release, which can be utilized in-game or converted 1-to-1 into on-chain $WF.


To participate, simply install Wild Forest, log in using your Sky Mavis account, and connect a Ronin wallet to your Sky Mavis account.

Wild Forest Game Overview:


Wild Forest offers a blend of tactical challenges during battles and strategic depth through card collection and deck construction.


Players can deploy up to 7 unit cards in battle, ensuring a diverse range of tactical options and unit types to explore.

Battles unfold across various maps, where strategic resource management and swift base development are pivotal to victory.


One of the game's standout features is its diversity – each map demands a unique strategy, with being able to react to your opponents unit composition swiftly essential to securing victory.


Season 2 of their P2A campaign has also been announced so it is not to late as progress will carry over!



Twitter Content Event


Highlight Wild Forest Play-to-Airdrop on your Twitter and earn rewards, including Wild Forest Packs and a Content Creator Role in Discord!


Open for Twitter creators with more than 2K followers.


Period: April 3 - May 2, 2024


How to Join:


Youtube/Video Content Event


Wild Forest Video Content Creators Program with a rewards pool of $400K+ including Founders, Premium, and other Wild Forest Packs!


Open to YouTube creators with more than 2K followers.


Program Period: April 3 - May 22, 2024


How to Join:

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