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Beast League

Quick and Easy to Play Competitive PvP sports action

Game Loop
  • It is basketball with beasts

  • You take control of a beast and play on a 2d court

  • The winner scores the most baskets

  • You can shoot, jump, and use your special

  • Each beast has its unique specials, which have differing effects

  • As you win, you collect trophies.

  • These trophies unlock further beasts as well as different game modes

  • I played two game modes: normal and flying

  • The flying mode is played on a larger court, and you can fly following jumping

  • Each game takes about three to four minutes

Game feel
  • First impressions are good, with an engaging art style and clean animations.

  • The gameplay is easy to pick up.

  • Sadly, the player base isn’t there yet, and I spent the entire time playing against bots.

  • The bots can be easily cheesed, which did make it a little repetitive

  • The game required some skilled play when actively avoiding cheesing, yet it still leans more into the fun casual style.

  • Progression to extra beasts and modes is a good motivator to continue playing.

  • However, the energy system is too harsh, not giving the player enough starting games to find it sticky.

  • The energy also doesn’t replenish automatically, besides three free energy drinks plus nine for watching ads.

  • The game does have potential, and the look is clean and appealing

  • The lack of a player base holds it back

  • Without enough energy to get “invested” in progress, many people just put the game down.

  • It could be some party-style fun if you played with friends.

  • Mixed review at this stage.



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