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Blast Royale

Mobile battle royale game developed by FLGstudio on @Immutable

Game Loop
  • The game includes two modes: single and duos, with plans to introduce squads later.

  • The objective remains the same in all modes: to be the last person or team standing.

  • The gameplay is intensified by a shrinking map, enclosed by a fire edge that gets smaller and moves.

  • Players choose their landing spots on a map divided into four themed segments.

  • Initially armed with only a melee hammer, players can find weapons, armor, med kits, special abilities, and ammo scattered across the map.

  • You're allowed to carry two abilities and one weapon, which can range from shotguns to rocket launchers and sniper rifles.

  • Defeating players makes them drop items like weapons, ammo, shields, or med kits.

  • Downed players bleed out in duo mode and can be revived by their partner.

  • Matches end with rewards like trophies, determining your leaderboard rank. Additionally, there's a battle pass that unlocks in-game currencies and cosmetics.

Game feel
  • The movement feels somewhat sluggish, suggesting a need for slight acceleration.

  • Aiming and shooting require an adjustment period.

  • The early ranks feel initially repetitive, with opponents appearing as either bots or inexperienced players.

  • Matches are quickly found.

  • The addition of Duo Mode adds a deeper layer of engagement.

  • Item Pickups feel slightly slow, affecting the game's pace.

  • The Different biomes offer some variety, though multiplayer aspects primarily drive replayability. Custom matches allow for community-driven tournaments.

  • Battle pass unlocks give additional encouragement to get trophies.

  • Provides an "just one more game" feeling, with round durations offering numerous opportunities for play throughout the day.

  • Slow repetitive start in low rankings

  • Engaging battles as you climb the ranks

  • Easy to find a match and learn the game

  • Captivating graphics and animation style.

  • Casual competitive gameplay

  • Battle pass promotes continued engagement.

  • Overall, I “enjoyed and would recommend playing it” the game.

Web3 integration
  • The game has some on-chain skins and cosmetics.


Blast Royale - Own A $NOOB (@blastroyale) / X (

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