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Captain & Company

Find fortune, foes, and friends for life!

Game Loop
  • You load into the game on the docks

  • From here, you have two main options: either go to the captain's dock with your ship or join a ship as crew.

  • You can also find a leaderboard on the dock

  • Once you join the ship, there are several roles

  • The first is the captain, who controls the direction and speed of the ship. They also have control of the captain's cannons.

  • Next, you have the gunner - they work the cannons, inflicting damage on the enemy ships.

  • The gunners need cannon balls, so one job is reloading the cannons from a pile of cannon balls.

  • Finally, it would be best to repair your ships where you hit the center shield generator.

  • You can switch between these roles easily

  • The map is the open sea with a scattering of islands to avoid

  • Your ship has health and a shield - if your health goes to 0, you sink.

  • When ships sink, they leave a chest of MBlast

  • There is also an extraction point to leave the map with your Mblast

  • If you die, you only take 50% of the Mblast.

Game feel
  • Captaining a ship was difficult, so I avoided it for most of my play.

  • Being in voice chat with the crew and captain is an entirely different game, and it is gratifying to have the captain shout orders.

  • Controls are simple and easy to pick up.

  • The graphics are relatively simplistic, yet you feel like a pirate, and the explosions and feedback are engaging.

  • The competition for chests is intense, and if you don't maneuver correctly, you can easily be surrounded.

  • The tactical decisions to extract or continue fighting can keep the pressure on, especially the fear of losing 50% of your loot.

  • The game also hosts regular community events, which turns up the competition.

  • Chaotic fun

  • More fun with friends

  • I did get a little seasick - realism?

  • Simple yet effective graphics and animations

  • Competitive leaderboards

  • I enjoyed it and would recommend

Web3 integration
  • Ships are NFTs

  • You collect MBlast during the battles


Captain & Company (@capncompany) / X (

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