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Duet Monsters

Every Fruit Caught Earns Players Web3 Rewards!

Game Loop
  • You take control of two Axies

  • They have a column of your screen that is split into 3 rails (the rails aren’t visible)

  • In time with the music, fruit falls from the sky along the 3 rails

  • Using your thumbs, you slide the Axies along the ground to catch the fruit

  • The whole time, a cute soundtrack is playing, and every fruit caught results in adorable “singing” from the Axies

  • At the end of the song, you receive a score, some stars out of 5, as well as some hearts

  • Outside the core loop is a “room decoration” element, spending stars to select furniture for a room.

  • There is also a PVP mode. The game loop is the same: two players compete for the best score.

  • To compete, you wager some of your hearts, with the winner receiving 1.9x their wager. There is also a real value version allowing you to wager to include the token SLP

Game feel
  • I was instantly engaged with the game. I played it with my kids, watching over my shoulder.

  • It is the only mobile game I play with my headphones on; normally, I mute all game sounds. However, they have nailed it on this one.

  • I haven’t been playing long stretches, but I'm dipping in for 1 or 2 songs at a time.

  • Using your Axies from the main game is a cute way to give more to those already in the ecosystem.

  • The game demographic doesn’t align with the current Web3 population. This is bad because they are trapped in the Web3 bubble, but it is good because they can aim to reach beyond the bubble.

  • Being able to decorate rooms for the Axie fits with the target audience

  • The range of songs gives plenty to keep playing, and the PVP adds to the extra replayability.

  • Ridiculously cute

  • The only mobile game that I play with sound on

  • Different demographic from web3 population (good and bad)

  • Easy controls

  • Fun for all age groups

  • Short spurts of fun

Web3 integration


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