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Forgotten Playland

Enter the world of Forgotten Playland.
Where playful chaos, exhilarating party games, and adorable PlushKyns collide.

Game Loop
  • You start the game as a little stuffed toy.

  • In the initial area, you can run around, see other players, and head over to the sewing box to customize your toy.

  • Once a party is formed, you head into the games

  • The games allow for a maximum of 4 players

  • A random game mode is selected for you to compete in

  • These games are widely varied. However, most will be familiar to anyone who has played the genre before

  • Each game has an objective, and at the end, you receive a ranking

  • Your main aim is always to be 1st

Game feel
  • The first impressions (once you get past the pain of launching the game) are excellent; the art style and animations set it apart from others in the genre.

  • The variations of modes should give a little something for everyone. However, I didn’t enjoy the majority of the modes.

  • Each mode had slightly different controls, depending on the objective, and these felt very clunky for some.

  • The modes were selected at random, so at one point, we played the same mode three times in a row, and I didn’t enjoy it.

  • Some of the modes were new to the genre, and I found those more engaging

  • As with all party games, it relies heavily on the enjoyment of playing with friends. Our crap-talking and little digs at each other were the main thing keeping me playing.

  • Currently, the game doesn’t record your scores across modes, which makes having a mini-tournament with friends a bit more admin.

  • The graphics and art style set it apart from other fall guy-inspired games

  • Some of the games are good iterations of the standard fall guy games. However, some are just the same

  • Only a few of the maps did I enjoy

  • Genre relies a lot on voice chat with friends for entertainment

  • I don’t enjoy the genre, so this game wasn’t for me. However, I can see it having an audience.


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