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Kingdom So

A 2D virtual gaming world with a Web3 economy.

Build a kingdom, Farm, Gather, Cook, Craft & Trade.

Game Loop
  • You can quickly sign up using your web2 credentials

  • You start in the central hub with Gus, the chef

  • Gus will give you your first quests to start you on your farming adventure

  • In the beginning, you have five hearts; these represent your energy. Your heart pool increases as you level up.

  • Each action costs energy to complete.

  • Once your energy is depleted, you must either wait for it to refill or eat food.

  • You’ll see a selection of different players' tiles around the map.

  • On these tiles, you can collect a range of plants, vegetables, and flowers

  • You will also see a fire icon, and you can use the fire to cook food

  • If you use someone else's fire, they get some of the food you cook

  • You also have gold, which is used for trading.

  • Players will have a trade “Dropbox” where they can buy and sell produce

  • Gus is only one of many quest-givers. Each time you complete a quest, you get a reward and some XP.

  • As you level, you unlock more aspects of the game, such as being able to chop trees.

  • To start your farm, you need land. You get one for “free,” but after that, you need to use gold to buy more.

  • The gold can be purchased with ETH or earned in-game by selling to other players.

  • On your home tile, you can create farmland and add cosmetics and workbenches.

Game feel
  • I was lucky to be given some gold initially; otherwise, progress would have been much slower.

  • Not having multiple land plots can limit what you can achieve in-game

  • As only specific plots allow public lumberjacking, it can be difficult to complete quests

  • Buying gold and land is pretty pricey

  • It is hard to know what the critical objective is

  • The graphics are cute and engaging

  • Seeing your farm and plants grow is satisfying

  • It is more of a casual engagement than anything sweaty

  • Quests are varied but focus mainly on fetch quests

  • The community events are an excellent way to bring everyone together

  • I played it often until I got busy and forgot for a day or 2, making it hard to get back into the flow.

  • Farming is satisfying

  • Community events are enjoyable

  • Leveling can be slow

  • Limited time demand

  • It is a bit pricey for expansion

  • I liked the art style

  • Overall, I would recommend it, but only to those who already enjoy farming games

Web3 integration
  • The game has some on-chain skins and cosmetics.


Kingdom So (@KingdomSoHQ) / X (

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