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All-in-one multiplayer game: Blitz Royale, Kart Race, Social Deduction, and more to come! Currently in Early Access. Play now on PC & Android.

Game Loop
  • The game has 3 modes, blitz royale, karting, and deduction, in this review, I only consider blitz royale.

  • Before a battle, you can customize your character in the locker room.

  • As with other games, you can change the appearance of your character, however, in Kompete this changes your player's stats.

  • For example the shorter they are the quicker they are but their damage recoil is reduced.

  • Next, you get trait points to spend

  • These unlock different traits, such as higher jumps and less recoil

  • Finally, you get to select what additional equipment to take with you, I took a trampoline, a set of stairs, a barrier, and a Bush.

  • You can also select the skins for the different weapons.

  • Now that you are all set up you can enter the Blitz Royale.

  • It is a trios game.

  • Starting the same as most games in the genre you are in a helicopter that flies you onto the map.

  • Dropping on your selected point you have a small jet robot to slow your fall

  • Alternatively, you can just plummet to the ground as there is no fall damage

  • Landing with only an axe you need to find your gear

  • This is either just lying on the ground or in loot safes

  • You get 2 primary weapons, an Axe, dynamite, grenades, and capsules

  • These capsules are used with your radio to call in your special equipment, like the barrier

  • As you move around you have a normal jump, which can be boosted with your exo suit to increase your height or change direction in the air

  • All the guns share the same ammo pool

  • Some parts of the environment are destructible, so you can smash windows and climb through

  • Over time the area of the map decreases forcing all players into a smaller area of the map

  • Taking damage you start with a shield and then into your health.

  • If you avoid taking damage long enough your health regens.

  • If your health goes to 0 you are knocked

  • From this position, you slowly bleed out unless your teammate revives you

  • If you die and a teammate is still alive, after a redemption period of 30 seconds you land back in on top of them

  • The victor is the last team standing

  • The game does have a leveling system and battle pass - both of which give rewards as your progress

  • Additionally, you can spend dollars to buy the in-game currency which can be used on skins

Game feel
  • In matchmaking it took 2 minutes to find a game, which isn't too bad, however, it showed a countdown from 8 minutes which made me assume that was the average wait, so maybe that should change as it made the 2 minutes feel longer

  • Even though it was a trios game I was often matched as a solo or duo, which made the game harder

  • You can climb walls like Spiderman, while this looked a little weird, it did add a lot more dimensions to the fights

  • Some of the movement felt a little wonky, but this might have been a skill issue as I did some players moving around very skillfully

  • The overall player base seemed pretty bad at the game as I got a lot of kills, Which doesn't usually happen.

  • I encountered some bugs such as people getting stuck under the map or in window frames.

  • The snipe rifle was also a little underwhelming but most guns felt okay and intuitive for anyone who plays the genre

  • Spawning in equipment did add some extra depth to the gunplay

  • As it is only early access there was only 1 relatively small map, which could get a lot of repetitive

  • For the most part gun fights felt very chaotic rather than strategic

  • Especially as the map got small, with everyone just spraying everywhere

  • Chaotic fun

  • Okay graphics and animations

  • Decent gunplay

  • Additional movement styles

  • I enjoyed Streaming it and I can see people having fun with the game, however, I'm not sure if it has enough yet to replace your normal battle royale

  • Recommend worth a try



KOMPETE: Team-Based Multiplayer Game

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