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Magic Craft

Narrative Strategy-RPG Set in a Dark and Collaborative Sci-Fi Universe

Game Loop
  • Before looking for a game you need to pick your hero

  • These heroes fall into the standard MOBA archetypes

  • Each has health, speed, and skills

  • You have 2 skills, an ultimate and a dash

  • Once you’ve picked your hero you can either create a lobby with customization or start a quick play game

  • If you start the game without enough players, the extra slots are filled with bots

  • You then compete in a random selection of modes and maps

  • The modes include collect skulls, asset escort, capture the point, and deathmatch - each with its win condition

  • At the end of the match, you receive multiple character and player progression rewards

  • There are several separate progression paths

    Logging in daily and completing quests also gives you rewards

Game feel
  • Mostly the controls feel intuitive on both platforms, my only bug bear was the missing auto-attack

  • Several heroes' skills have long cooldowns which can leave you with nothing to do, with that missing auto attack

  • The graphics, animations, and enemy reactions to damage are all good and engaging

  • The bots are pretty challenging but I would like to see a lot more human opponents even if I had to wait longer for a match

  • The variety of modes, heroes, and maps keeps every round feeling fresh.

  • The different progression streams give something to aim for, even though I wasn’t clear on the overall goal of them

  • Looks and plays nicely

  • Missing some actions traditional to the genre

  • The low available player base

  • I’d recommend the game but you probably need to find your own players

Web3 integration
  • The game has a token on BSC

  • The game has NFT heroes, with a free mint run on Earn Alliance



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