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My Pet Hooligan

“Got karrats? AMGI Studios brings us an Action/Shooter multiplayer game that is free-to-play. Early access game out now!”


My Pet Hooligan is a third person shooter/adventure game on the Epic Game Store focusing on online multiplayer gameplay utilizing comedic violence and exploration.

Web3 Integration: The Rabbits are NFT's on Ethereum

The game offers three distinct modes:
  • Hangout Mode, where players explore the city and hit Zacbots.

  • Anarchy Mode, a chaotic deathmatch with various maps and weapons

  • Coinpocolyapse, where players collect rabbit-shaped coins while avoiding being killed. Players earn XP for kills and game completion, unlocking cosmetic options.

Final Thoughts

The game's aesthetic and comedic violence theme are great, but there are concerns about weapon hotkey arrangement, map optimization issues, and frustrating spawns.

Movement mechanics like double jump and launch pads add dynamism, but spawning on top of other players and seeing nameplates from afar reduce strategic depth.

The low player base is disappointing, but the game's style and handling of guns are commended. It's recommended with the caveat that players may need to find others to fully enjoy the experience.



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