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Game Loop
  • You start by hatching your initial poglin

  • This gives you enough to build an early teams

  • The Poglin have a variety of stats rarity infinity and specials

  • As your Poglin pool expands building synergy in the team is important

  • However with your starter team, you just play what you have

  • The PVE is structured into chapters

  • Each chapter has its battle matt and theme of Poglin

  • You complete a chapter by securing victories and earning trophies

  • The core loop starts 1v1, player vs NPC

  • You each have 4 Poglin, playing 1 Poglin at a time until you get 2 round wins

  • These rounds are decided by your power score

  • The power score and outcome are also affected by affinity and specials, for example, one special gives 2 times the power score against common Poglins

  • Regardless of the result, you receive some tickets, with a victory also coming with trophies

  • You can also get tickets by completing quests

  • Then tickets can be used to purchase more Poglin eggs

  • Whilst some Poglins have the same name and appearance they don’t have identical stats or specials

  • With the Poglins that don’t use then you can fuse them into your main pgolin

  • Increasing their XP, level, and ultimately stats

  • As you progress through the chapters your team size increases and the number of wins required increases

Game feel
  • The subtle animations on the cards are nice

  • The progressive difficulty is a good learning curve for new players

  • Poglin uniqueness gives room for strategic planning. You might choose a lower power rating but with a powerful special

  • Some of the games felt a little formulaic with the only way forward beginning to level up your team

  • The inclusion of a slam mechanic to double the result seemed interesting but I never really saw it affect the outcome

  • Whilst it does offer some strategic depth I do see it being more casual than a harder strategy

  • Interesting card design

  • Strategic team building

  • Quests to drive regular engagement

  • Some formulaic play

  • Could see it doing better on mobile

  • Would recommend to a more casual strategy audience



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