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The 1st moddable extraction shooter game, built by a unique team of BAFTA & Emmy Award-winning talent, using UE5 & blockchain.

Game Loop
  • Being an early build there are no options or choices before loading into the game

  • Landing on the map you are in a city surrounded by a gigantic wall, which acts as the edge of the map

  • Looking around you'll find chests containing weapons, ammo, and attachments.

  • These attachments can be connected to the weapons giving them sights.

  • Now and then sirens will start going off and meteors will crash to the ground

  • These crash sites are covered in sigma

  • Your aim is to collect the sigma and extract

  • Beyond the crash sites, you'll also find sigma on dead bodies of soldiers around the map

  • The more sigma you collect the higher the sigma level you have

  • This sigma level allows you to use sigma powers

  • Next you'll get alerted to extraction points

  • The first set of extraction points allows 2 Players to extract, with the final extraction only having 1 seat.

  • If you die or fail to extract, the game ends.

  • If you make it to the extraction with some sigma, that gets added to the leaderboard

Game feel
  • Gonna cover the issues around being early first - I expect them to get resolved but for now, they are there, so let’s do it rapid fire

  • Bad optimisation

  • Lack of textures/grey boxes

  • Suspect hit registration

  • bugging through walls and fences

  • Ammo missing after reload

  • Now onto more meaty aspects

  • The inventory management was terrible and I hope they change it, even to a single quick loot button

  • The map had really good vertical movement but a lack of ways to get back down and harsh fall damage reduced it's impact

  • I liked the Sigma abilities but felt it would be good to add a choice element if the abilities spent the sigma

  • Low selection of guns and attachments

  • Wasn't a fan of the impact markers disappearing once Sigma picked up, broke the realism a little and let you know where someone was

  • Being able to extract whilst being shot felt weird

  • Gaps between impacts etc sometimes went a little long

  • At times the map felt too big for the player's numbers

  • Too early

  • Interesting map with vertical dimensions

  • Little bit too much aiming for realism

  • Early bugs and optimization problems

  • Overall a very competitive experience with potential whilst feeling a little early for the size of the launch.

Web3 integration
  • NFT operators on Eth, sigma capsules across multiple chains



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