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Wonder Wars

Gather your team, get troops and together with your hero defeat the enemy. Level up and lead the battlegrounds.

Game Loop
  • The core loop is PVP battles.

  • You start with a limited selection of heroes and troops

  • Both sets have health, attack, and specials.

  • The specials include additional damage, healing, or buffs.

  • Your squad consists of one hero and six troops

  • The hero is your “main” character and sits at the back of the board

  • The aim is to reduce the enemy's hero’s HP to zero.

  • Blocking you from doing that are the troops

  • The board consists of three columns

  • Each round, you select a troop and place it onto one of the columns

  • If the opponent has a troop in that column, they will fight; if there isn’t a troop, your troop directly attacks the hero

  • Once all forces are played, the game enters “sudden death,” which speeds up the gameplay through to the finish

  • At the end of the game, the winner receives trophies and a chest

  • These chests take time to open, which can be sped up by watching ads

  • Other meta aspects outside the core loop include a village that you need to upgrade to increase various aspects of the core loop

  • There is also a gatcha machine and a battle pass to keep you aiming for progress

  • The trophies are used to show your ranking on the leaderboard, both locally and globally.

Game feel
  • The lack of human players makes it feel limp. However, the NPCs still beat me, and once I started treating it as more of a puzzle game, I enjoyed it a lot more.

  • The graphics, animations, and sounds are clean and engaging. Although the game's style is similar to other popular mobile games, it has been executed well.

  • The different meta aspects outside the core loop gave me plenty to aim for, and I am looking to upgrade my heroes and troops to help climb higher up the ladder.

  • There was also a deep variety of heroes, all with unique aspects, which encouraged continued play to unlock more of them.

  • It took me some time to get interested in the village aspect, meaning I missed out on some of the benefits it can bring in the arena.

  • Each game only takes a few minutes, making it very handy for a quick game. The ability to watch ads for unlocks isn’t overly offensive, and I watched ads for nearly every chest I unlocked.

  • The game already implements traditional monetization, offering cards and currency. It’ll be interesting to see how any Web3 layer is added.

  • Engaging graphics and animation

  • Easy and quick to play

  • There is plenty of progression to aim for

  • Deep variety of troops and heroes

  • Low real human games

  • Enjoyed it, would recommend playing it.


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